IMC Data Acquisition


Cronos Compact

 Adaptable measurement and control system for mixed signal testing

 The imc CRONOScompact is the single most comprehensive data  acquisition system for electromechanical testing on the market today.  Integrating measurement, control and simulation into one housing  provides you with the reliability of absolute synchronization, and the  convenience and ease of use of having all of your tools in one place. 


Cronso Flex

Modular, spatially distributable measuring system. 

 With the imc CRONOSflex, we offer a modular system, which gives  you an unprecedented degree of flexibility in the setup of your  measurement system. The system requires no rack or frame. Both base unit  and the measurement modules (amplifiers or conditioners) have  independent housings: by a robust "Click Mechanism", they can easily be  either connected directly to one another or alternatively spatially  distributed over a standard network cable. A distance of up to 100m  between individual modules is possible. 



 Measurement systems for extreme environments 

Measurement under harsh environmental conditions such as extreme  temperatures, water spray and intense vibration requires appropriately  protected measurement equipment. This applies especially to  long-duration measurements outdoors or testing on board moving vehicles.

imc  CRONOS-SL is a highly compact, extremely robust measurement system, for  applications in tough environments. Conforming to MIL STD810F, one of  the highest standards for temperature, environmental contaminants, and  shock resistance, the signal conditioning, AD-conversion, online  processing and data storage are integral components of the measurement  system.



 Network-capable, fanless compact measurement systems

Why  settle for anything less than state of the art? All-purpose,  network-capable, real-time measurement devices with built-in measurement  amplifiers and easy-to-use, ready-to-go user interface software are now  available in a compact package. 



 One data logger - multiple applications

With the intelligent imc BUSDAQflex  data logger series you have access to the usual bus systems of the  automotive, railway, aircraft and machine industry. In addition to the  acquisition of raw data streams and protocol channels, the live decoding  of individual channels as well as complex protocols such as CCP,  KWP2000, XCP, OBD2, etc. are supported. The standard basic configuration  of 2 CAN nodes can be extended to 12 nodes for different field and  vehicle buses for the larger device variants.



 Powerful measurement modules for mobile applications

Measurement  modules used in the automotive industry must be robust and compact  because they are often placed in areas such as the engine compartment  where space is limited and temperatures can be high. The new imc CANSASfit  series works reliably from -40° to +125° C, has a protection rating of  IP65 and, due to their small form factor, can be placed almost anywhere.

The  powerful modules for mobile applications enable direct connection of  all typical signals such as voltage, current, temperature, rpm, distance  and speed. The digitized measurement signals are output as CAN messages  and can be read or recorded by any measurement, automation or control  system with a CAN interface.


T1 Digital 1 Channel Telemetry


 The 1-channel telemetry system T1 is ideal for wireless transmission of  strain gauge signals  from rotating shafts. The transmitter electronics  allow the direct connection of strain gauges in full- and half-bridge  mode. The bridge supply is fixed 4 Volt DC and the gain can be freely  selected in 4 levels. The transmitter electronics (encoder) is only 35  mm wide, 18 mm long and 12 mm deep and weighs only 13 grams.




The TEL1-FLEX offers users a  telemetry series for particularly cramped quarters. The extremely flat  and flexible transmitter electronics allow torque measurements under the  tightest installation conditions. The total thickness is less than 2  mm. Thanks to the space-saving design based on a pliable film substrate,  the flexible telemetry makes it extremely easy to apply to rotating  shafts or other machine components.

The  TEL1 telemetry transmits its data digitally and inductively with a  resolution of 12 bits to the TEL-1 receiver head. A cable connects it to  the TEL1 receiver. For signal output, an analog output (+/- 10 V) is  available as standard. Optionally, a current loop (4 ... 20 mA) can also  be integrated.



 MTP-NT telemetry is a small and flexible telemetry system that has a  modular design. It consists of freely selectable sensor modules, a  controller module and an inductive transmitter unit. Depending on the  needs of the user, the telemetry system can be freely assembled and  subsequently adapted. 

 The right module for every sensor type

MTP-NT  telemetry offers two module types for sensors: a universal analog  module for voltage, strain gauge (quarter-, half- and full-bridge) and  IEPE sensors and a temperature module for measuring thermocouples (Type K  and Type J) and PT100/1000. Each sensor module is available in a  2-channel or 4-channel version and is equipped with signal conditioning,  antialiasing filters, A/D converters and a digital output.

CTP High-speed wireless telemetry for up to 16 channels


 The modular telemetry system CTP enables the acquisition, processing and  transmission of 4, 8 or 16 parallel measurement signals from stationary  or moving machines and vehicles, such as in Pass-By-Noise testing.
The  processed signals digitized with 16-bit resolution are transmitted  wirelessly to the receiver unit via a robust and interference-free radio  link. Depending on the bit rate, transmission power and antenna types,  distances of up to 2000 m in free field are possible. The PCM format of  the measurement data ensures optimum interference immunity. The power  supply is external with 10 to 30 VDC. 

CTP High-speed wireless telemetry for rotating applications with up to 64 channels

CTP High-speed wireless telemetry for rotating applications with up to 64 channels

 The CTP-Rotate telemetry system enables the acquisition, processing and  transmission of 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 parallel measurement signals from  rotating machinery, test benches, wheels and rotors. The integrated  accumulator unit allows easy and quick installation of telemetry. The  weatherproof system designed for outdoor use (IP65) enables data  transmission over distances of up to 20 meters in free fields. 

Dx Universal telemetry for up to 24 channels

Dx Universal telemetry for up to 24 channels

 DX telemetry is a particularly compact and lightweight  multi-channel telemetry. Thanks to the universal transmitter module, it  can be used flexibly and enables wireless measurements with different  numbers of channels and sensor assignments. The possibility of operating  up to four transmitters synchronously with one receiver allows for  simultaneous acquisition of spatially distributed measurement points.